"That is Shadowfax. Does he not shine like silver and run as smoothly as a swift stream." Tolkien

Last Updated 11/03/2013


Bailey's bunch - a litter we are proud of !

They were born on 23/08/2001

Left to right: Ruby, Doushman, Storm, Kir, Tia and Portia.

S. Sandpiper Kir - our own

U.K./Dan/Swed Ch S. Savannah Dawn JW Tia - owners Sue & Howard Oakley & Mark Cocozza

S. Saharah Whirlwind Storm - owners John Garrad, Richard Jacks and ourselves

UK/Fin/Multi Ch S. Stepnoi Veter JW Doushman - owners Maria Shaverneva, Victor Doudko and ourselves.


Their sire :

Nanak Freecloud Galileo


Their dam :

Metewand Omai of Shadowfax


Kir, Tia, Storm and Doushman at 7 months

Susan with Kir and Doushman on holiday in Ireland in August 2003

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